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Приватный чит для игры FIFA 2020 [30 дней]
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Приватный чит для игры FIFA 2020 [30 дней]
Тип игры: Ключ

Платформа: Читы

Активация: Global
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Приватный чит для игры FIFA 2020 
Game Engine: Frostbite
Game Version: Latest Version
Status: Undetected

Работает на системе: Windows 10

Automated Timed Finishing with slider to green shots
Always Win
Disconnect match on demand with controller or keyboard hotkey
Automatically disconnect match after kick off (works great with always win enabled)
Division Rivals skill points spoofer with slider (face people from different divisions)
Show Opponent Origin ID and FUT Club Name (popup will display with opponent info that can be dismissed with controller A button or mouse)
Information overlay (Controller battery level and ping to FIFA server)
Alt Tab Bypass (Auto On)

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